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Payment Card Industry Compliance

PCI Compliances Requirements and Effects on Retailers:

PCI mandates that customers provide a secure transmission medium for sensitive cardholder information and maintain a vulnerability management program. Anti-virus programs must be used, regularly updated, and capable of detecting, removing, and protecting against all forms of malicious software. Companies who are not PCI compliant are subject to fines up to $500,000 per incident, greater scrutiny and additional penalties, including the revoking of the ability to process their debit and credit cards. In addition to the fines and penalties, non-compliant companies are subject to related public disclosure regulations, causing a loss of customer trust and brand equity, leading to lower revenues and shareholder revenues. As a result, retailers and other organizations that handle cardholder information around the world are particularly focused on rapidly deploying a solution to address PCI compliance.

PCI Compliance Made Easy:

IronPort now offers PCI compliance directly integrated into IronPort Email Security Appliances. IronPort's advanced search capabilities identify debit and credit card numbers and sensitive cardholder information by utilizing advanced rule sets to confirm their legitimacy. Since sensitive information can be sent over a wide variety of attachment types, the advanced content scanning capabilities extend to all parts of email and attachments, including more than 400 different file types, regardless of how it is embedded. As sensitive information is identified, the corresponding messages can be automatically encrypted for secure delivery, not requiring any action by either the sender or recipient. Compliance officers can also choose other remediation options including connection-based encryption, quarantining, archiving, user notification, and self-remediation. To regularly demonstrate effectiveness, compliance officers may choose to take advantage of auditable reporting capabilities that extend to the per-user level, allowing for greater user education for those who need it most. These automatic scanning and remediation capabilities ensure that all transmission of cardholder information across open, public networks are secure. All of these capabilities are incorporated in IronPort's web based Email Security Manager policy management tool, providing ease of deployment and use.

IronPort's Next Generation Hardware Provides Capacity For PCI and Other Advanced Features:

IronPort Email Security products provide unmatched capacity by taking advantage of multi-core based hardware, and IronPort's proprietary operating system AsyncOS. The purpose-built appliances allow IronPort to not only deal with the growing volume of spam, but to apply more CPU processing to each message and therefore enable more advanced PCI scanning algorithms and remediation. Coupled with monitoring, reporting and management capabilities, the IronPort Email Security product line is clearly the right choice for the most demanding PCI customers in the world.